Wouldn’t it be a different experience of sitting low while you enjoy sipping a cup of coffee with your
friends and family? Bhaitak as they are famously called in Hindi, has been a part of our culture always.
They are resting areas usually being on the floor or on a raised platform. The old low seating
arrangement trend has once again become popular then why not inculcate the trend for your wedding?
Cherry on top, it requires very less space unlike the heavy furniture.
Being an ideal seating for cozy and comfy get together and family functions, you can talk your heart out
without any fatigue. This boho style arrangement is internationally famous but if you don’t want to go
all bohemian you can create a fusion by adding ground pillows to it.
The tiny toddlers can easily climb on to it and you can enjoy the party without stressing yourself. A
wooden set up will add an ethnic feel to the venue. This will be the perfect setup for a hookah corner for
your friends to chill, others can enjoy their drinks. You may also add bean bags to complement the low
seating arrangement.
Experiment with the seating in different shapes and sizes. L-shape seating looks extremely stylish and
looks aesthetically pleasing. Phulkari print sheets to add a bomb of colors or spread colourful rugs. If the
décor is blingy, try the eclectic combination of white and red that can never go wrong.
You can place modern round bed that can be placed in the centre without having any awkward corners.
Not to forget go for thin foam mattresses, you don’t want to disappoint your guests right? Place
multiple seating like these around the venue and voila your party will surely become the talk of the

low seating - wedding

Low Seating