Abhishek Kaushik tips the couples getting married this season on hot floral trends for wedding decor in 2017.


Inspired by A-list celebrity weddings such as Kim and Kanye, this year’s brides are choosing luxury blooms for their wedding decor. The look is all about florals when it comes to their wedding set design.One should choose in romantic blooms like hydrangea, hyacinths and orchids in creamy pastel colors.

Floral and Set Designer Abhishek Kaushik says,“The brides can choose softly-coloured blooms that reflect the gentle tones of the English garden. Instead of having a massed rose bouquet or other bouquet of one single flower, choose mixed flowers that look like they could come from the garden.” They will love the look of sweet peas, garden roses and tulips.


More and more brides are now embracing the flower crown. “In recent months, we’ve definitely seen an increase in brides wearing beautiful floral crowns.”, reveals Abhishek Kaushik.

The new cultural aesthetic will comprise of shades of the Orange, Coral, and the Pink   It’s a perfect opportunity to spread other natural elements around the table, from glasses in wicker sleeves to hand woven, coiled grass baskets.

While hot hues will certainly have a moment in floral design in 2017, arrangements that draw together disparate colors are equally on trend.Showcasing tree peonies, ranunculus, and carnations, this arrangement makes the most of the contrasting shades of yellow and purple to create a truly show-stopping display.

Wood elements and ceramic pieces such as the Japanese blue and white Willow Ware create a layered backdrop of color that propels the vibrant floral array to center stage.

2017 Wedding Trends

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