Destination weddings have always been a dream solely for the exotic feels it offers. Be it
mountains, forts or flying all the way to Prague. Beaches have always been a favorite for
couples, Goa being the most quintessential. Imagine taking vows at the shore while the sea
breeze softly caresses your face. You definitely won’t get to experience this in a banquet hall.
Although, a foreign destination wedding might dig a big hole in your pocket, but our Incredible
India is a treasure of more of such exotic beaches which are lesser known. Here is a list of some
other options if you’re tired of Goa!
1. Ahmedpur Mandvi beach- Gujarat
Nobody would have imagined a beach wedding in Gujarat, but Mandvi Beach in Gujarat will
break all stereotypes. Along the Arabian seas at a stretch of 21 kms, this beautiful beach is
picturesque and will make shutterbugs go crazy!
2. Panambur beach- Karnataka
8 kms from Mangalore, this beach offers a dramatic sunset. It is said to be the cleanest and
safest beaches across India. Your wedding guests will enjoy the sun kissed hair and water sports
along the shores. The sand here is firm and perfect for long evening walks.

3. Bekar fort beach- Andhra Pradesh
What better than a fort along the beaches! The Fort is almost drenched in water and waves
continuously stroke the walls. Unlike Delhi, your makeup here won’t melt down but rather you’ll
be left with flawless skin!
4. Radhanagar beach- Andamans
Don’t go by my words, but Time Magazine ranked this the 7 th best beach in the world! The beach
has white sparkling water, and plush green vegetation that makes it a perfect place to tie the
knot in the laps of Mother Nature.
5. Mandarmoni- Kolkata
This is a seaside resort village is a serene and quite place for a small and intimate wedding. What
about endure the essence of west Bengal to the theme of your wedding by adding their lip
smacking cuisine to your menu or having their traditional attire as your dress code!