With the party scene of India getting ever inventive and television shows from the west gaining
cult followings, it is definitely an excellent idea to mix the two for getting your very own unique
cocktail décor that ends up becoming the envy of your friends and family.
Here are the four shows that are the absolute best for serving up as themes for your cocktail
1. Game of Thrones: In all probability the most hyped and waited for show in the world
right now, it has truckloads of trivia and beautiful props that will immediately take your
cocktail décor to new heights.
The show has a lot of potential for both indoor and outdoor parties because it has been
filmed as much in high castles with fantastically morbid settings as in rolling grasslands
of greenery and damp. So send out invitations with the regal red Lannister seal sitting
proudly at the bottom, prop-up some ancient looking swords on your walls, let the dress
code be flowing gowns and noblemen clothes, serve the guests with venison and stew in
wooden bowls. Go all sails blowing in the craze that is GOT and revel in the success of
your party.
Just maybe don’t try to pull a Red Wedding kind of stunt, because slit throats might not
make you a very popular party planner.

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2. Friends: The show that everyone has watched and still continues to watch on its
numerous reruns is the perfect way to throw around a décor with a lovable and nostalgic
vibe. Seriously, we’ve never yet met a person who hates Friends.
You can set up your party area to resemble the Central Perk, the popular fictious
coffeehouse in the show that holds a very special place in the hearts of every fan. Other
options might be to emulate any of the various parties that are thrown in the show itself:
like Monica’s super-organized party with Phoebe’s great distractions, the ice candies
and everything else ice. Or, even the impromptu party that takes place in Joey and
Chandler’s apartment on Rachel’s birthday.
If you’re a huge fan of Ross then a fossils and dinosaur themed party might be a good
idea too.
3. How I Met Your Mother: Another hugely popular show that aired for about nine years. If
Friends was a perfect combination of nostalgia and love then HIMYM also holds its own
with a uniquely wacky take on narration and storylines. It is also one of richest options
for borrowing décor.
Hang a blue French horn on the wall to remind all those slightly drunk couples in your
cocktail party about the early days of their love, or have the waitresses strut around in
the show’s famous Slutty Pumpkin costumes. But the most important thing about a
HIMYM themed party of any sort has to be the feel of humor and comedy in the air.
Maybe, mixed with a few heady doses of Ted’s obstinate search for a soul-mate and
Barney Stinson’s legen– -wait for it—dary antics.