With the increasing innovation, even weddings are realized in different formats these days. One of the popular format is realized under destination wedding where all the guests includes the bride and the groom goes on a set away vacation to a different place and get married rather! Sounds interesting right? Talking about destination weddings, destination wedding in Thailand is one of the popular type these days. With the help of such planners and decorators, you can realize your Indian traditional wedding in the most exotic Asian country called Thailand.

Destination Wedding in Thailand

Why to plan a Thailand destination wedding, if you ask?

Well, talking about Indian weddings, in particular, the format has been repeating the tradition and culture in the exact manner. But with a wedding in Thailand, you can realize your dream of a perfect wedding under the blanket of some royal Asian culture thatoffers a selection of choices that blends both the cultures together for a resultant Indian royalty served under the plate of Thailand culture.

And hence, many people are switching to organize their weddings in Thailand which offers affordable range of selection of hotels and planners that will help in realizing the best time of the couple’s lives! And why not, you do not get an opportunity to go to Thailand every day, right?

Where to plan destination wedding in Thailand?

Well, as a matter of fact, Pataya, a small region in Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Indian weddings. With the selection of hotels and choices in Indian food and ambience, the region that a lot to offer for the guests who are witnessing the beauty of the place for the first time. And well, guests can enjoy some vocational time by visiting night market and ravishing beaches in Pataya that will leave you breathless with the amazing choices of activities and peace in the air.

Along with the same, many people prefer Bangkok as one of the good choices in terms of organizing an Indian destination wedding. The city offers some marvelous pieces of art and entertainment which follows the circle of the wedding functions every time.

Ad if you are worried about your food pattern, well don’t worry! The residents in Thailand are well aware of the Indian choices and offer you some amazing cuisines that will not hurt your taste and your tummy!

Thailand destination wedding is becoming a common choice for Indians, because they find a perfect blend of two cultures with serving any irony on the portals of differences in the ritual. The country welcomes all the guests with an open heart and serves the best of their ethics and culture. And yes, if you are planning a wedding in Thailand, do not miss the relaxing massages after the wedding functions are over. Your feet needs some rest too, and believe me with foot Thai massage, you will forget all the tough walks and Baraati dance! Your body needs some relaxation after all those preparations in the wedding. And now, massages are the best way to forget those agonies!